MA space – Workshop: Photography Part 2: Getting the most out of your camera – 5, 12 January 2017

Cameras these days are pretty smart at deciding how to capture the image you have selected but some things can fool them. If you want to be in charge of your photos, rather than relying on the camera’s Auto functions, you need to know how the camera makes decisions, and what you can do to override this.

In the workshop we will explore the three major elements affecting how the image is recorded:

  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO

We will identify what those buttons and menu items do, and which ones you will need to be familiar with for the kind of photography you are interested in.

There will be hands on activities and discussion as well as input from your workshop leader. It doesn’t matter what brand or style your camera is – just bring it along together with the manual, if you have one.

There will be limits to what you can do in this workshop if you are relying on a smartphone, iPad or tablet. However, it will help you decide whether or not to upgrade to a different style of camera.

For more information contact Leonie on 0417611879.

  • Where: Meet at Mallacoota Arts Space
  • When: 4.30pm-6.30pm Thursday 5 January or Thursday 12 January 2017
  • Cost: $20