Mallacoota Phoenix

In December 2020 Regional Arts Victoria, Creative Victoria and Mallacoota Arts Council presented Mallacoota Phoenix, a free sculpture workshop program with artist Jade Oakley.
The purpose of the workshops was to create 100 sculptures inspired by local bird species devastated in the bushfire, such as the Sea Eagle, Azure Kingfisher, Bower Bird and King Parrot.
The bird sculptures were made from hand dyed silk and coloured anodised wire. Small lights were added to the sculptures.
For three weeks the sculptures formed a colourful installation at the MA space for the first anniversary of the bushfire.
Over 50 students from Mallacoota P12 college made sculptures in the last week of school, 2020.
We also invited the broader Mallacoota community to take part in art workshops on 26, 27, 29 and 30 December 2020.
Participants were invited to collect their birds after the display.
By coming together as a community to make something beautiful we used art to aid healing in Mallacoota.

See the engaging Mallacoota Phoenix video here: