Mallacoota Arts Council

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MA space – Rock Pools – 5 August 2017

Mallacoota Arts Council presents an exhibition of local artwork in all mediums, displaying an appreciation of our salt and freshwater rock pools. Also introducing the Gabo Room with an exhibition of the textile art of Kim Gordon. What do poets say about rock pools? Here are a couple of examples: “A rock pool is a magic circle full of colours the sea washes in.” “A rock pool is an imprisoned wave”. We all agree rock pools are enchanting. Mallacoota’s artists have responded to the challenge of showing us their concepts…
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MA space – Workshops for Artists – from 6 February 2017

After some years attending painting classes, provided with assistance from Mallacoota U3A, often working in solitude and participating in exhibitions it is only fair to say that the number of practising artists in Mallacoota has expanded significantly. It no longer seems appropriate to simply call our group a painting class. A workshop for artists seems more fitting, and that of course includes beginners and dabblers. At MA space we want to provide an inspiring workshop environment to help you on your creative journey, to inspire you and enable you to…
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Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion – Cafe Culture: I Viaggiatori – 27 August 2017

In August we feature a very special Café Culture show. In 1924 the Italian film director Angelo Drovetti embarked on an epic 8,000 nautical mile voyage with his movie camera. The result, Dall’Italia All’Australia (From Italy to Australia), is regarded by many as the most comprehensive film ever made of a migrant voyage. This black and white SILENT FILM chronicles the voyage of Regina d’Italia (Queen of Italy). 4-piece band I Viaggiatori will perform live Italian folk music to accompany the film. The Cafe Culture Series is supported by Creative…
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Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion – Cafe Culture: The Wikimen – 12 November 2017

In November we present the final Café Culture show for the year, The Wikimen, an upbeat and fun band who will perform extraordinarily vast styles of music from their huge repertoire including Hawaiian blues, pop, samba, Western Swing and Mills Brothers song to name a few, complete with heavenly harmonies and exotic music. The Cafe Culture Series is supported by Creative Victoria Where: Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion When: Sunday 12 November 2017 Cost: Individual show tickets: pre-purchased $25/Mallacoota Arts Council Members $23; or at the door $27. Season ticket for all…
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