Niki na Meadhra: Story Teller Theatre Artist Wise Woman – A Weekend of Workshops and Spellbinding Performance – Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2017

Workshop 1: Embodying Stories

Performance, Gesture, Characterisation

Explore, with expert guidance and feedback, skills in both contemporary and traditional oral storytelling.

Wear comfortable clothing
20 places

  • Where: MA space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota
  • When: 10am-1pm Saturday 20 May 2017
  • Cost: $25pp

Fair and Furious: Women of the Táin

The Stuff of Irish Legend. Stories devised and performed by Niki na Meadhra.

“Some academics have declared The Táin misogynistic in its treatment of female characters, but having spent time with them, as a storyteller, I can’t agree – unless my only measure of women is to characterise them as whores or virgins. To me, these women and goddesses are potent, complex and vivid.” Niki na Meadhra, Storyteller.

Through her energetic, physical, evocative telling of these ancient Irish legends of Macha, Deirdru, the Mórrígan and others, Niki invites her audience to consider their own response the women of the Táin.

Read a review of Fair and Furious performed by Niki na Meadhra at the Celtic Club in Melbourne here

  • Where: MA space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota
  • When: 6pm Saturday 20 May 2017
  • Cost: $25pp includes delicious soup and bread

Workshop 2: Stay Loose

Flex your creative writing Muscles

Niki will lead a lively, playful, juicy workshop where you can flex your writing muscle and take away something to fuel your process.

She has developed her own approach by teaching creative writing over many years and writing short stories, poetry and plays. Her style is warm, supportive and fun. She believes passionately that there is no such thing as a mistake and that approaching writing in a spirit of play loosens up insight and intuition and helps words spill onto the page to be sorted.

Wear comfortable clothing
BYO Lunch. Tea /coffee available
15 places

  • Where: MA space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota
  • When: 10.30am-1.30pm Sunday 21 May 2017
  • Cost: $25pp

Magic in Malla

Stories based in folklore and legend.
Devised and Performed by Niki na Meadhra
Children bring a cushion

  • Where: MA space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota
  • When: 4pm Sunday 21 May 2017
  • Cost: Family $25; Adult $15; Child $10