MA space – Rock Pools – 5 August 2017

Mallacoota Arts Council presents an exhibition of local artwork in all mediums, displaying an appreciation of our salt and freshwater rock pools.

Also introducing the Gabo Room with an exhibition of the textile art of Kim Gordon.

What do poets say about rock pools? Here are a couple of examples:
“A rock pool is a magic circle full of colours the sea washes in.”
“A rock pool is an imprisoned wave”.

We all agree rock pools are enchanting.

Mallacoota’s artists have responded to the challenge of showing us their concepts through painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, photography and performance art. Eighty people helped us celebrate the opening of this colourful exhibition and were captivated by a visual feast of artworks, and by Nicole Migotto-Brown’s story telling and Stephanie Mew and Rachael Mounsey’s performance art, Bastion’s Last Breath.

The night was also the official unveiling of the freshly painted Gabo Room, its new colour inspired by the pink granite of Gabo Island. Here, Kim Gordon’s exhibition of new work displays the creative potential of what can be achieved through fabric and thread. During the exhibition Kim will be leading workshops in the gallery – see here for details.

  • Where: Mallacoota Arts Space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota 3892
  • Exhibition: Saturday 5 August – Monday 2 October 2017
  • Cost: Free



Gallery: Rock Pools Exhibition Opening Night 4 August 2017