EJ Brady Short story competition 2018-2019


The competition is now closed

Final judging for all categories of the EJ Brady short story competition has been delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Lists of stories still in contention follows, we apologise for this delay in providing full results. We hope to have the results finalised by April 13, 2019. Thank you for your participation.

The following stories make up the EJ Brady Mallacoota Prize longlist for a short story of less than 2500 words and are still in contention:

  • Neighbours
  • Exchange Fates
  • Sarah meets her future
  • Milk & Water Stupids
  • Grasshopper
  • The invisible strength of spider’s web
  • Goodbye, Laurence
  • End of a Dream
  • In Search of the Hooded Koalaroo
  • To Be Brave
  • Take it Easy
  • Last Day of Term
  • Two Births
  • A Fail-Proof Plan
  • Postmortem
  • Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
  • Mumma’s Coming
  • Jah Dag
  • Sleep Easy
  • Kingdoms Come
  • Misanthropes
  • A Murmur of Resistance
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Interaction
  • Washed up
  • The Water Strider
  • Twist Ye, Twine Ye
  • Country Life
  • The Day I Killed the Chook
  • Three Sisters and A Swedish Girl
  • End of the Season
  • Ergot on Rye
  • Marshmallows and Culture Shock
  • Religious Disbelief
  • Seaside Buddha
  • Finding the Right Light
  • Aerogramme
  • Responsible Adult
  • Officers of Adaptation to Climate Change
  • The Patron Saint of All Things Lost
  • Travelling
  • Red Rocker
  • Run, Rosie
  • In a Narrow Column of Light
  • The Record Club
  • The Birdwatcher
  • Disconnected
  • Contact Front
  • The Deal
  • Denial
  • Even the Silence
  • Inhabitant
  • The Sulphur Smell of Powder
  • The Keeper
  • Mrs. Brady
  • Twenty Kilometres to Wombat Flat
  • Unholy Confession
  • Continental Capers
  • Lunch at Samar’s
  • Unit K13
  • Hero
  • A Bridge Called Puento Nuevo
  • Dr. Watson wrestles with his work-life balance
  • Plant Life
  • Symon with a Y
  • The Jacket
  • Hot Chook Sandwich
  • Moving On
  • Takeaway Coffee
  • The Ice. 1867.

The following stories have been shortlisted for the EJ Brady Gabo Prize for a very short story of less than 700 words:

  • The Dream of Partagas Eminente
  • Yellow Cake Justice
  • Sing a Song of Sixpence
  • The Decision
  • Closer. Further.

The following stories have been shortlisted for the EJ Brady Betka Prize for a humorous short story of less than 1000 words:

  • Dear Older Well Sprung Gentleman
  • Baked Beans and the Pulitzer Prize
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll at the Woolshed!
  • War of the Reptiles
  • Raymond
  • Sortition
  • The Procedure
  • When Pigs Cry
  • Viral
  • Dedicated Legwork
  • The Binary Illness


The EJ Brady Short story competition is named in honour of local poet Edwin James Brady (1869-1952). The competition recognises Mallacoota’s long-standing literary and artistic traditions. Mr Brady’s accomplishments were rather varied. The Australian Dictionary of Biography lists his occupations as agricultural writer, auto biographer/memoirist, biographer, journalist, newspaper editor, poet, short story writer and socialist!

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