MA space – 30 Days of Art: Call for Artists – October 2017

By 30 Days of Art, we mean an artwork you produce each day for 30 days.

Here is a guide to help you get started:

  • Artworks need to be produced in the month before the exhibition bump in.
  • 2D works: size and shape, optional but keep in mind our space is restricted.
  • Be sure to number each one on the back so viewers can see a progression when they are displayed.
  • Keep 3D works small.
  • Feel free to weave in the “personal”, for example if you are dealing with something that is of interest or importance to you, or a personal story.

Bump in date for artworks: Monday 30 October 10am-4pm

  • Where: MA space, 66 Maurice Avenue, Mallacoota
  • Opening: 5pm Friday 3 November
  • When: Exhibition Friday 3 November until Sunday 3 December